Human Table Football 16 Player Previous

Hire Cost: From: £300.00
Footprint: 65ft x 20ft
Age Group: Adults & Teenagers
Overnight Hire:

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This is table football but on a massive scale!

The pitch is surrounded by a 65' long by 20' wide inflatable wall, with goal mouths at each end. With eight players on each side, teams have to work together to score as many goals as they can. But just like table football, players hold onto the bars which run across the pitch – so if you want to move left to get the ball so do the others on your bar!

Therefore human table football requires even more teamwork and coordination than its real or table-top equivalent… Most of all though it is great fun!

For larger events, we can create a Human Table Football tournament where teams play each other in a knockout championship. As we go through the rounds, teams are whittled down to the last two who then battle it out in the final.